Massage Therapy for Back Pain

For many of us back pain is something we have grown accustomed to. The term back pain is a very vague term, but also a term that’s heavily searched on google. As of today 2/20/13, 1.5 million local searches per month are reported by google for the search term back pain and I take this to mean that many of these people searching for the words ‘back pain’ are also searching for relief.

As a massage therapist I hear people tell me how much they want their back pain to go away nearly every day.

Some of the things I first try to decide when someone complains of back pain are:

  • Is it lower back pain?
  • Is it lumbar pain?
  • Is it Joint Pain?
  • Is it shoulder pain?
  • Is it hip Pain?
  • Is it nerve pain?
  • Is it chronic pain
back pain

A person Suffering from back pain

One of the first things we need to know as massage therapists is can what I do harm you. Sometimes injuries or specific conditions can make massage therapy the wrong choice at the time. The second thing is can I help you.

If a person has lower back pain there is a very good chance that the pain stems from the gluteals or the hips. Lumbar pain can also stem from these areas but also the abdominal region and upper back.

Joint pain can have many causes and if they are treatable, massage therapy with stretching has had very good results in joint pain reduction and elimination.

Shoulder pain is what I enjoy treating most. When I refer to shoulders I’m referring to basically the bottom of your scapulas to where your back curves to nearly your chest. There are many muscles in this part of the body and most shoulders are accustomed to carrying a heavy burden and massage therapy is my preferred tool for removing burdens.

Hip pain being at a juncture in the body tends to travel either up or down.  Many Sciatic issues begin here.

Nerve pain usually feels like a burning or electric pain, but sometimes nerve pain produces something called referral pain. This is when the pain appears in a place distant from where the issue originates. Massage therapy has a great track record for treating many nerve pain situation. Just be sure to discuss your issue with your massage therapist before you begin treatment.
Chronic pain is pain, in this case back pain that remains constant. It’s an ongoing pain and if you’ve never tried massage therapy for pain control or pain management then maybe you should consider it as an option.

In short if you’re suffering from back pain of any kind, massage therapy is a drug free and non invasive approach to pain treatment and pain management that has a long and successful track record.

If you are suffering from back pain and with to speak with us, please feel free to send us an email.

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