Body Wraps and Body Scrubs

The body wrap have been in use for centuries, with some roots in ancient China, Egypt, Rome and Greece.  The empires were well known for their physicians and healing methods. Illustrated pre-historic references portray the use of herbs and mosses for the absorption of toxins and poisons. In medieval times, mustard dressings were used to fight skin infections. Herbs that were noted for healing the skin were used in pastes, creams and body wraps and Hieroglyphics portray Cleopatra using clay from the Nile for skin treatments.


  • Wraps are not advised for diabetics, pregnant women, clients with high blood pressure or clients undergoing chemo or radiation therapies.
  • All herbal wraps and hot stone sessions require 24 hrs notice.


Body Wraps

All Body Wraps are prepared by the Two of Us using only the purest of minerals, clays, organic herbs, and essential oils.

All body wraps are 50 minutes in length and include a full body dry brush treatment to exfoliate and stimulate your skin.


This seaweed and clay wrap is soothing and detoxifying. Relax in warmth while your skin detoxifies and absorbs benefits from the rich minerals, vitamins and enzymes abundant in seaweed and volcanic clay. Kelp powder and sage extracts nourish the skin while purifying oils of lemon, lime and lavender condition the skin.  Infused with aromatic botanicalextracts and fruit oils, this treatment will leave your skin smooth and supple. $50

**NOTE: Do not use an algae wrap if you have seafood allergies or are allergic to iodine. **


A relieving herbal wrap designed for your blocked sinus passages, stuffy nose, and cough.  This detoxifying and invigorating wrap is perfect for those needing relief from nasty sinus and chest congestion that won’t go away.

Ingredients: Eucalyptus, Nettle leaf, Catnip, Rosehips, Comfrey, Apple Cider Vinegar, Pine, and Anise. $50


A deliciously relaxing herbal wrap infused with organic essential oils such as lavender, chamomile, sandalwood, and ylang ylang.  Lie back, close your eyes, and simply relax in your cozy cocoon of warmth and comforting aromas that will take your worries away. $50


Herbs are freshly brewed for this pain relieving treatment.  Lay back and let healing herbs wash your pain away. A layer of warm volcanic ash clay rich in silica is infused with a blend of Comfrey Leaf, Burdock, Juniper, Pine and Rosemary, which help ease the pains of rheumatism, arthritis and fatigue.. This mineral-rich material draws out the body’s impurities while soothing sore muscles and nourishing the skin. $50


Body Scrubs

All scrubs are prepared by us and personalized for you. The scrub we make for you will be packaged in a jar and what is left over will be yours to keep at home for your own personal use.

Lavender Body Scrub

We love lavender! Treatment includes exfoliation with a sugar scrub infused with lavender buds and lavender essential oil. This is the perfect treatment for a weary body and soul. $30

Tangerine Body Scrub

This citrus blend of nourishing vitamin E, tangerine and sweet orange essential oils will gently exfoliate your skin and invigorate your senses. You will have softer and suppler skin after just one treatment. $30

Take Charge! Salt Scrub

The perfect blend of Dead Sea salts, almond oil, and your choice of essential oils make this an unforgettable indulgence for dry skin. $30



..Add Hot Stones   

*must give 24 hours notice

Hot Stone Massage is a luxurious way to ease those aching muscles and soften muscular tension and knots. Warm Basalt stones are placed over dense muscles on your body such as your back or hamstrings. While these stones are penetrating heat into your back, lie back and enjoy a stone massage on your legs or arms. A true hot stone massage is not just lightly gliding warm stones over the surface of the skin, but the stones are used to work the deeper muscles, depending upon the pressure requested by you.  The heat from the stones can melt your muscles, increase blood flow and nothing beats a hot stone massage in winter!  $15

Add Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is an ancient practice of using essential oil to heal by stimulating the olfactory senses, mental responses, circulatory and respiratory functions. It employs highly concentrated essential oils extracted from herbs and flowers. Applied to the skin during a massage or through inhalation, the oil or combination of oils can be used for medicinal, meditative, restorative, or relaxation purposes. $5

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