What to expect from Massage Therapy and Bodywork

We strive to create and maintain a beautiful, calming and rejuvenating environment. What we ultimately seek is for our clients to leave our studio feeling as though the time they spent in our studio was time they will remember fondly. This is only some of what we feel should be included in a what to expect document, any additions are more than welcome.

What to expect

We will require you to fill out a health history form before we are able to start the massage. It can be downloaded here in MS Word or PDF formats.Afterwards we will begin by asking you general questions to establish what areas you would like worked on, if there are any conditions needing to be addressed and to determine if massage is appropriate for you.

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If you want a full-body massage you will be asked to remove clothing to your level of comfort. Undressing takes place in private, and a sheet or towel are provided for draping.

 If you are receiving a back and neck or focus massage, you will only be asked to remove your clothing where we will need to massage.

If you are coming for a headache massage, you will be asked to remove your shirt and given a towel or sheet to cover yourself. Depending on the type of headache you will be given a herbal cold pack to cover your eyes and a mixture of Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release and Trigger Point Therapy modalities will be used on your sinuses, neck ,  shoulders and upper back.

 We will undrape only the part of your body being massaged, ensuring that modesty is respected at all times. Your massage will take place in a comfortable atmosphere and on a padded and heated table. You should expect a peaceful, relaxing experience with soft music in the background and with lights dimmed.

By doing a Client Intake Form we are better equipped to handle your massage therapy session. If you know you have a condition, make sure you mention it on the form or tell us. If you withhold this information, massage therapy could make your condition worse. There are several situations where we may recommend you see a physician and not receive a massage. Any of the following conditions may be contraindicated for massage therapy and Bodywork:

·         Diabetes, Infectious diseases, skin rashes

·         Inflammation of tissues or organs, abrasions or open cuts

·         Cancerous conditions, tumors or abnormal growths

·         Suspected blood clots, Unstable heart conditions

·         Varicose veins, Any hemorrhagic condition

·         Fever or elevated body temperature, Fresh burns


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