Why I love being a Massage Therapist!

When I first began my massage career I had no idea what my ideal client would be. Lately sandy and I have been searching for a new location and we have both been thinking about the clients we want to attract most.

Sandy and I are fortunate enough to have a number of clients who have reached a point in their lives where they have the time and resources to enjoy life but lacked mobility due to many reasons with arthritis being the main culprit.

Having clients who come to us on a regular basis simply to make their lives better has made our jobs as massage therapists not only fun, watching the progress of clients, but rewarding in a way I didn’t envision when we began our careers.

In no way is this meant to slight our clients who visit us every six months or a year or even once. We have been extraordinarily lucky in having so many great clients but there is just something so powerfully rewarding in watching the steady progress of a client who visits us regularly with the intent of living a better life.

To those clients I’m writing about, Sandy and I would both like to extend our deepest gratitude.

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