Massage Therapy-Does It Really Work? (A Client Testimonial)

A wonderful client of ours offered to write about massage and how much it has impacted his life in a positive way.  We decided that it was such a great testimonial to massage that it would be a great new blog, as we couldn’t have said it better.

Thanks John!

Massage Therapy-Does It Really Work?

I am 64 years old and like many people my age have arthritis. Over the years I have been to medical doctors and chiropractors who have confirmed the pain in my neck, elbows, hands, and knees was caused by arthritis. My knees were so bad I was considering checking with a surgeon to see if I were a candidate for knee replacements. Several years ago I had a massage which had little positive results for me. In desperation, I thought I would try it again and called “The 2 of Us Massage” thinking maybe a different massage therapist would be able to help me.

I walked into their studio a very skeptical person; I left 60 minutes later a convert to massage therapy. After 2 or 3 follow-up appointments with Rodney, I have experienced much more flexibility and have basically been pain free. My knees which limited my mobility are “pain-free”. The same can be said for my elbows and hands. My neck has greatly improved. I can now turn my head from side to side without pain. Something I was not able to do for several years. Thanks to Rodney and Sandy (I had one massage from her.) my quality of life has greatly improved with more flexibility and freedom from arthritic pain. If only I had started with massage therapy eight years ago.

My wife remarked how much I was turning my head and again walking long distances for exercise after 2 sessions with Rodney. I suggested she try a massage with Sandy. She took my suggestion and also has had remarkable improvement in her mobility. Now we visit Rodney and Sandy together on a regular basis for maintenance. We always schedule our next appointment before we leave to assure we make time for ourselves.

Our daughter visited a few weeks ago with a severe headache. We suggested she call for a massage. When she came home she said, “That headache will never come back. Rodney saw to that!” We have also referred our son-in-law. Again he has been able to gain much more flexibility.

So back to the title…”Massage Therapy-Does It Really Work?” For me, I can say Massage Therapy REALLY DOES WORK!

John-A Very Pleased Client

2 thoughts on “Massage Therapy-Does It Really Work? (A Client Testimonial)

  1. That is such fantastic news that you have had so much increased movement after a few sessions.  Good on you for having the confidence to book and attend an appointment you were so skeptical about!  It's great that others in your family have also had benefit from Massage Therapy.

  2. Lisa Harenski says:

    Great massage!!!! This was one of the best experiences I have had. The place is small and personal as well as professional without the big spa overwhelming feeling. It was also a great price. I can’t wait to go back! Thanks